LiveChat Review: The Best Tools for Your Business

Communication with clients in the age of online services needs to be quick and individualized to catch and keep their attention. Live chat assistance is a fast and straightforward method for doing so. One such pioneering platform is LiveChat, which has become so closely associated with its underlying technology that it even shares its name with the product.

LiveChat could be the solution you’ve been looking for, thanks to its fantastic set of tools, customer-centric focus, and rave user evaluations. Read this LiveChat review to find out if this leading online support product fits your company best.

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What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is a help desk software that primarily facilitates round-the-clock customer care through its integrated live chat, help desk, and web analytics features.

An integral part of the program is a live chat function where support and sales staff may interact with clients in real-time. Businesses can be more approachable to their customers by allowing them to communicate with them on their websites. Visitors can use this help desk software to find out who else is on the site and start conversations with them. The integrated ticketing system allows users to assist at any time.

LiveChat’s mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy to deliver on-the-go assistance to consumers with any questions they may have.

Who Is LiveChat For?

Overall, LiveChat’s feature set makes it the best option for businesses who wish to use live chat as a selling or support channel actively. It’s far more than “simply another live chat platform” because of its extensive number of integrations, interesting “rich messages,” sophisticated team management tools, and outstanding multilingual widgets.


Chat Console

LiveChat’s chat interface is sleek and easy to use. It has a sleek, modern design and can be easily customized to fit your brand and make the live chat experience more inviting for your website visitors.


LiveChat shortcuts allow for far more rapid communication. They streamline your workflow by facilitating fast access to various app features and conversations.

Canned Responses

If you get the same inquiries again, a library of prewritten answers might be a huge time saver. They’re great for reducing time and the number of times you have to type anything. LiveChat Canned Responses allow you to write a response once, save it, and then use it repeatedly in conversations and tickets.

Offline Mode

A new offline messaging mode is available for LiveChat users. It’s very similar to popular messaging apps like Facebook and Whatsapp in that it enables administrators and users to send and receive text messages even when online access is unavailable.

You may use this LiveChat support function to send messages to consumers even after they have left your website; they can see them and respond when they return to the site or by email. Even if an agent is unavailable, visitors can initiate chats.

Team Management

Multiple agent accounts allow you to divide your staff into specialized teams, which will enable them to work more efficiently. To further monitor their progress and provide assistance as needed, you can turn on Chat Supervision. With this tool, you can also manage when your agents accept chats using the Work Scheduler and delegate specific responsibilities to certain people on your team.

Chat Tools

This help desk software provides the most effective tools in the industry for delivering first-rate help to your customers. With LiveChat’s Message Sneak-Peek feature, you can read what your clients are typing before they send it.

You can quickly find the information you need and reply. Using chat tags, you can always review past conversations to refresh your memory on the subject matter and your knowledge base. Personal, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing, Rich Messages are a step up over plain text responses.


Depending on your subscription, LiveChat Inc. will offer you a high-level summary of chat and agent activity or extensive detail about both. The vast amounts of data analytics collected by the platform can be converted to one of six district reports, each providing a different perspective.

Statistics on chats, missed chats, customer happiness, and user participation may all be found in the chat report. Whether you’re looking to make changes once a day, once a week, or once a month, you may generate reports to suit your needs.

To get even more specific, you can use Agent Reports to track how well your staff is doing. Email assistance may be streamlined, and individual issues can be addressed more quickly by keeping tabs on your agents’ efficiency metrics, often known as Ticket Reports.

LiveChat Integrations

LiveChat integrates with over 170 additional apps that aim to make your workday easier. It also allows you to build a central location for handling customer interactions.

Chat Translator enables agents to speak with users in more than 100 languages, and SnapCall, a voice-activated solution that allows agents to call customers directly from the chat, are three of the most critical integrations with LiveChat.

  • Convenient, user-friendly interface for chatting with agents
  • Problem-solving ticketing system
  • 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support
  • Expensive
  • Intense demands on the memory of the computer
  • Congruence with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
The Ease of Use

Many LiveChat evaluations highlight the software’s dependability, steady performance, and user-friendliness.

We’ve made onboarding as easy and painless as possible. There is an introductory tutorial for first-time users towards the end. Easy as pie, with everything you need on the app’s interface and further details in the knowledge base.


Starter – $16/agent/month

The basic package is made specifically with small business owners in mind. You may get many services for only $16 per agent per month when paying annually (or $19 per agent per month when paying monthly). In addition to a chat history that can be accessed for 60 days, basic customization options for the chat widget on your website, and analytics for up to 100 users, you also receive the ability to track how often your website is visited.

Team – $33/agent/month

This is the perfect strategy for you if you have an entire support team. Costing only $33 per agent each month when paid annually, you have access to numerous premium features. In addition to all of the features already mentioned, you have complete control over the look and feel of your LiveChat widget, access to Basic Reporting, and full eCommerce functionality. 

Business – $50/agent/month

This strategy caters to small and medium businesses with a dedicated customer care team. Specialized Reporting, Traffic Checking for up to 1,000 clients, and a comprehensive Ticketing System are all included in the $50 per agent per month invoiced annually Team plan.


LiveChat’s enterprise pricing plan is designed for large businesses like those in the Fortune 500. There is no set price for this bundle; to get an estimate that fits your budget, please schedule a call with our sales staff. All of the features available in the previous tiers, plus unlimited customization, security, and product support, are yours to enjoy.

Final Verdict

We had a great time reviewing LiveChat. This help desk software is easy to use and does what it promises. While the configuration for LiveChat was identical to our previous live chat solutions, we were astonished to see that the number of conversation requests continuously increased.

The ticketing system is one of the things that makes them stand out from the competition. Messages sent while you’re offline will be delivered here so your team can more easily sort through them based on their state. 

While not the most affordable option, this help desk software is among the best, the quality of their customer service and the ease of use of their program are exceptional.