Why Monday.com is the Ultimate Project Management Solution

In this modern era of technology, all businesses need a project management software tool to accomplish the task effectively. You can find an exclusive array of software management platforms in the market; Monday.com is one of them. It is an amazing project management (PM) tool with an impressive feature set. Monday.com excels from its rivals because of its affordable price tag, versatility, and scalability. 

You might be interested to know if monday.com can be the right choice for your business needs. Read our honest and unbiased monday.com review to explore this leading platform in depth.

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What is Monday.com 

Monday.com is a leading no-code project management software designed to help businesses to create their management tools. Preferred by 152,000+ users worldwide, this CRM (customer relationship management) platform allows businesses to track and manage every project under one roof. The amazing and easy-to-use features of Monday.com helps businesses navigate and structure tasks the way they prefer. Above all, the dashboards of this leading platform give a detailed overview of your progress. 

Monday.com integrates with other apps such as Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams to help businesses use their favorite tools within the platform. The visually appealing and intuitive interface ofmonday.com with self-descriptive names makes it ideal for mid and small-sized businesses. 

Features of Monday.com

Monday.com is a versatile, flexible, scalable project management software tool with dozens of integrations. This CRM platform can provide you with an exclusive array of benefits such as;

Robust Integrations Businesses can integrate their favorite apps and tools with Monday.com to accomplish their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Integrating Monday.com with the right tools helps you build workflow automation, eliminate the need to bounce between different platforms and repetitive administrative tasks, and manage every task in a single loop on autopilot. You can sync this amazing platform with your favorite tools, including Todoist, Zoom, Shopify, Google Calendar, Slack, Dropbox, and others. 

  • Multiple Project Views

Monday.com allows you to visualize your projects and tasks according to your preferences. You can have Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, and Timeline views with a single click. Whether you want a glance at your daily progress or a detailed view of your entire progress, you can drill zoom out or in and switch views based on your preferences and needs.

The custom views of Monday.com helps you get all the data and status of your project and task at a glance. The multiple views feature of this platform allows your team to manage tasks efficiently and within less time.

  • Customized Templates 

Setting up project management applications from scratch is a complicated and time-consuming task. Thanks to the customizable templates of Monday.com that help you design your preferred project management applications more professionally within no time. The exclusive array of Monday.com’s customizable templates lets you get started easily and quickly complete the task.

At Monday.com, you can find a wealth of free and customized templates for team tasks, product roadmaps, project planning, contact management, project portfolio tracking, help desk tickets, and customer onboarding. Being leading project management software, Monday.com aims to accommodate your needs, whether you’re managing advanced projects with multiple users or a single project. 

  • Built-in Time Tracking Capabilities 

The built-in time tracking capabilities of Monday.com helps you manage your project management and tracking tools equally. Built-in tracking is one of the amazing features of Monday.com that allows you to get a detailed overview of your project’s timeline. It is a great way to identify which task is the most time-consuming and how long the project will take to complete.

Using a mobile app, you can turn the tracker on or off, manually enter time, and track your project’s timeline. The automation feature of Monday.com helps you eliminate the most repetitive tasks, such as moving a card from one place to another and notifying your team members. 

  • Custom Automations 

The custom automation feature of Monday.com makes it more reliable and versatile. You can automate the most repetitive tasks by notifying your team through email and moving a task from one column or phase to another in just a few clicks. This amazing feature of Monday.com ensures completing the tasks more efficiently while eliminating the hassle of performing the repetitive tasks manually every time. 

Pricing Plans and Options

Monday.com offers four different pricing plans and options to suit the needs of every business. 

  • Basic 

The basic pricing plan of Monday.com gives you an entry-level project management solution. It starts from $8 per user per month with more than 200 templates and unlimited boards. The basic pricing plan does not provide integration but supports custom notification, whiteboard collaboration, shareable forms, and embedded documents. 

  • Standard 

The standard pricing plan of Monday.com comes with additional ways and tools to manage the tasks more effectively. This pricing plan supports guest access, starting from $10 per user per month with third-party integrations and automation. You can also access multiple views such as timeline, Gantt chart, and calendar views. 

  • Pro 

Starting at $16 per user per month, the pro pricing plan of Monday.com is an excellent option for advanced projects and complex workflows. This plan allows you to access private boards, integrations with up to 25,000 actions per month, chart views, and better team workload precision. 

  • Enterprise 

This pricing plan is great if you have a larger organization with advanced and complex workflows. The enterprise pricing plan comes with enterprise-grade automation, integrations, governance, and security. 

A Few Limitations of Monday.com

Although Monday.com offers a whole array of amazing features, it is not a perfect solution. Some limitations are also associated with this CRM platform, such as;

Slow Customer Support

Although Moday.com offers 24/7 customer support, some customers report that it has a very slow response rate. The customer’s support team of the platform claims they will answer within less than an hour. But most users want live chat options to get answers much faster.

Limited Task Dependencies 

As compared to the top runners, Monday.com has limited task dependencies, which are only available on the highest tiers. 

Final Verdict 

Monday.com is leading, reliable, and versatile project management software that helps businesses accomplish their tasks precisely. The platform’s robust integrations and affordable pricing plans make it more convenient even for small and mid-sized businesses.