Private Internet Access (PIA) Review (2023) Best Features & Pricing

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a virtual private network (VPN) provider that offers users online privacy and security through encrypted tunnels that keep user data secure. VPNs are increasingly important in today’s digital age as users are increasingly exposed to privacy breaches, cyber-attacks, and online tracking. This review article aims to explore PIA’s features, user experience, pricing, security, and potential drawbacks.

Private Internet Access (PIA)
Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access (PIA) review
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PIA review
Private Internet Access features
Private Internet Access pricing
Private Internet Access (PIA) Review 2023

Features and Benefits of PIA

  • Encryption and protocols

PIA uses different methods to protect your information, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. They also use a strong encryption called AES-256 to keep your data safe. This means that all information you send through the VPN is secured and protected from potential cyber-attacks.

  • No-logs policy

PIA has a strict no-logs policy that ensures user data is not collected or stored on its servers. This policy is an essential feature of VPNs, as it ensures that users’ browsing history and personal information are not stored or tracked.

  • Server network and locations

PIA has a vast network of servers in over 74 countries, which makes it easy for users to find a server near their location. Additionally, PIA allows users to switch between servers quickly, which ensures that users have access to fast and reliable connections.

  • Multiple devices and platforms supported

PIA supports multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Additionally, PIA supports routers, which allows users to connect all devices in their home network to the VPN.

  • Ad and tracker blocking

PIA has a built-in ad and tracker blocker, which ensures that users are not bombarded with advertisements or tracked online. This feature is beneficial for users who are concerned about online privacy and security.

  • Kill switch

PIA has a kill switch that terminates all internet traffic when the VPN connection is lost. This feature ensures that user data is not leaked when the VPN connection is lost, which could happen if the user’s internet connection is unstable.


PIA MACE is a feature that blocks malware, ads, and phishing sites. It ensures that users are protected from malicious websites and potential cyber-attacks. This feature is beneficial for users who are concerned about online security and privacy.

User Experience and Performance

PIA offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies the process of connecting to the VPN. It also has a good reputation for speed and reliability, with tests showing minimal slowdowns in internet speed. PIA offers customer support through a ticketing system and has a helpful knowledge base. Additionally, PIA is compatible with various streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, allowing users to access content from different countries.

Pricing and Plans

PIA offers three pricing plans that are affordable and competitive in comparison to other VPN providers. The pricing plans are monthly, yearly, and biennial, with discounts for long-term plans. PIA offers a seven-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it possible for users to test the service before committing to a plan. Start free trial

Security and Privacy

PIA is based in the US, which is subject to government surveillance and data retention laws. However, PIA has a strict no-logs policy that ensures user data is not retained on its servers. Additionally, PIA has undergone independent security audits to test its security protocols, which were found to be reliable.


  • Strong encryption and multiple protocols to secure user data
  • No-logs policy ensures user privacy and anonymity
  • Vast server network in over 74 countries
  • Ad and tracker blocking features improve online privacy
  • Kill switch feature prevents data leakage in case of VPN connection loss
  • PIA MACE feature blocks malware, ads, and phishing sites


  • PIA is based in the US, which could raise concerns about data privacy
  • Some users have reported slower speeds during peak usage hours
  • Customer support can be slow to respond at times

Potential Drawbacks and Criticisms

PIA does not offer advanced features such as split tunneling and multi-hop that other VPN providers offer. Additionally, PIA is based in the US, which has government surveillance laws that could affect user privacy. Some users have reported issues with accessing some streaming services while connected to PIA.


PIA is a reliable VPN provider that offers robust encryption protocols, multiple servers, and excellent customer support. It is affordable and offers a free trial and money-back guarantee. However, users should be aware of potential limitations, such as limited advanced features and US-based jurisdiction. Overall, PIA is a good option for users looking for a reliable and secure VPN.