The Best Help Desk Software (2022)

The complexity of large organizations needs advanced solutions to make continual cost savings. Whether your business is merely experiencing water in the new market or rapidly growing, you must ensure efficacious measures to improve customer satisfaction. You can implement help desk systems with your customer service solutions to strengthen customer relationships and boost customer support. A survey reveals that companies can raise their revenue up to 15% by maximizing customers’ satisfaction. Choose your great match from the best Help Desk software reviewed below.

1. Zandesk

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Customers can use Zendesk’s configurable tools to create a customer support site, a knowledge resource, and web forums. A customizable front-end portal, live chat capabilities, and integration with Google Analytics and Salesforce are all part of the package. Customers of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, use Zendesk in various industries.

The Zendesk online customer portal aids customer service representatives in keeping track of open tickets and their current status. If they aren’t satisfied with the answers they find, customers can open new tickets in the portal and ask questions that are similar to the ones already submitted. Support pages can be customized with company logos, themes, and brand images using Zendesk.

Using Zendesk, companies can create knowledge bases that answer frequently asked questions, allowing customers to browse through the most commonly asked questions. Using Zendesk, businesses can also create an online community where customers can ask questions and respond to active conversation threads.


  • A Streamlined Ticket System
  • A Collaborative Support Environment
  • Extensive Analytical and Statistical Reporting
  • Support for IT Staff

Pricing Plan

For either sales or after-sales service, the cost varies according to the functionality desired. It’s possible to get Zendesk for Sales for as little as $19 a month per user. Starting at $49 per user each month, Zendesk Suite is an excellent option for companies.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, then the suite is for you. But if you are just getting started, the basic Sell Team package might be best for you. Start free trial here


  • All incoming leads and prospects may be handled with CRM one-stop solution.
  • It’s easy to build a sound knowledge base with Zendesk Support’s built-in subject suggestions.
  • Detailed records of all client interactions and engagements are maintained.
  • It’s easy to track how much time agents spend on various tasks.
  • The Zendesk Marketplace offers a wide range of third-party integrations and APIs.
  • Flexible pricing to meet the needs of rapidly expanding businesses.
  • You can use triggers to monitor, assign, or close tickets based on particular incoming events.


  • The higher the number of agents you have, the more money you pay.
  • There isn’t a chat widget for Storefront yet.
  • Data cannot be exported to a CSV file directly.
  • Users new to the platform may become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

Final verdict 

As your company expands, so will your support requirements. For various reasons, utilizing a customer service and CRM platform like Zendesk is an intelligent move. Zendesk is not only widely used worldwide, but it is also suitable for businesses of all sizes.

This means you can start with a basic package and then upgrade as your needs grow. It’s no surprise that Zendesk has become a dominant player in a crowded market dominated by several big names.

It’s an excellent solution for streamlining your support services and ensuring the smooth operation of your support department as a whole.

2. LiveChat

LiveChat is a help desk software that primarily facilitates round-the-clock customer care through its integrated live chat, help desk, and web analytics features.

An integral part of the program is a live chat function where support and sales staff may interact with clients in real-time. Businesses can be more approachable to their customers by allowing them to communicate with them on their websites. Visitors can use this help desk software to find out who else is on the site and start conversations with them. The integrated ticketing system allows users to assist at any time.

LiveChat’s mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy to deliver on-the-go assistance to consumers with any questions they may have.


  • Chat Console
  • Shortcuts
  • Canned Responses
  • Offline Mode
  • Team Management
  • Chat Tools
  • Analytics
  • LiveChat Integrations


Starter – $16/agent/month

The basic package is made specifically with small business owners in mind. You may get many services for only $16 per agent per month when paying annually (or $19 per agent per month when paying monthly). In addition to a chat history that can be accessed for 60 days, basic customization options for the chat widget on your website, and analytics for up to 100 users, you also receive the ability to track how often your website is visited.

Team – $33/agent/month

This is the perfect strategy for you if you have an entire support team. Costing only $33 per agent each month when paid annually, you have access to numerous premium features. In addition to all of the features already mentioned, you have complete control over the look and feel of your LiveChat widget, access to Basic Reporting, and full eCommerce functionality. 

Business – $50/agent/month

This strategy caters to small and medium businesses with a dedicated customer care team. Specialized Reporting, Traffic Checking for up to 1,000 clients, and a comprehensive Ticketing System are all included in the $50 per agent per month invoiced annually Team plan.


LiveChat’s enterprise pricing plan is designed for large businesses like those in the Fortune 500. There is no set price for this bundle; to get an estimate that fits your budget, please schedule a call with our sales staff. All of the features available in the previous tiers, plus unlimited customization, security, and product support, are yours to enjoy.


  • Convenient, user-friendly interface for chatting with agents
  • Problem-solving ticketing system
  • 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support


  • Expensive
  • Intense demands on the memory of the computer
  • Congruence with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Final Verdict

We had a great time reviewing LiveChat. This help desk software is easy to use and does what it promises. While the configuration for LiveChat was identical to our previous live chat solutions, we were astonished to see that the number of conversation requests continuously increased.

The ticketing system is one of the things that makes them stand out from the competition. Messages sent while you’re offline will be delivered here so your team can more easily sort through them based on their state. 

While not the most affordable option, this help desk software is among the best, the quality of their customer service and the ease of use of their program are exceptional.

3. Zoho Desk

Among the many available help desk solutions, Zoho Desk stands out for its multichannel support and contextual awareness. All the resources and context your teams need to provide excellent customer service are consolidated in Zoho Desk, including an advanced multi-stakeholder management system, interactive self-service, and an efficient AI assistant.

Zoho has been developing, deploying, sustaining, and supporting software in the cloud and on-premises for decades. It’s among the best support desk programs for companies of any size. Multichannel support, automation, and intelligent AI can help almost any customer service area.


  • Dashboard
  • Ticket Management
  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Customization

Pricing Plans

There are three premium plans available for Zoho Desk, with prices ranging from $20 per user per month to $50 per user per month. For very startups that only require the most fundamental customer support features, the free plan with three user accounts is an excellent choice.

  • Free
  • Standard: $20 per user per month
  • Professional: $35 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $50 per user per month


  • Scalability is excellent.
  • Allows for the use of multiple languages
  • Highly adaptable
  • Superb Workflow Applications


  • Only a few features are available.
  • The automation tools lack the sophistication that one would hope to find in a program of this caliber.
  • A restricted API.
  • A few difficulties have been experienced with email integration.

Final Verdict

Zoho Desk’s premium plans are less expensive than many rivals, making it an affordable alternative. But, there is a limited number of agents you can have on the free plan, and you’ll need to pay up for better support and features. The software has many excellent features, but it’s hard to know where to start using them, and there aren’t any tutorials or guides to help you out.

4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a comprehensive help desk software with a wide range of valuable features. The price is reasonable for what is provided, the interface is attractive and easy to use, and the list of included features is comprehensive.

It also offers a no-cost option for those who want to test the platform before committing to anything longer than the trial period. To put it another way, it can handle the demands of enterprise users while remaining affordable for smaller businesses. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a customer service solution.


  • Universal Inbox
  • Automatic Ticket Routing
  • Real-time Typing View
  • Analytics
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Customer Service

Plans And Pricing

You can subscribe to any of LiveAgent’s three basic plans monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Impressively complete for its low monthly price of $16 per agent, the Starter plan is of great value. Your chat history will be deleted after 60 days. As an added downside, you can’t alter settings or generate reports how you’d like.

For an additional $33 a month per agent, the Team plan(opens in a new tab) grants access to unlimited chat storage, chat tagging, and file sharing within the chat window. Additionally, you can track your support efforts and pinpoint areas of concern for your clientele with the help of bespoke reports.

For an additional $50 per agent per month, the Business plan provides SMS messaging directly from the chat window and additional reporting options. For an extra $20 per agent, a single sign-on can be added to the Business plan. LiveAgent also provides an Enterprise plan with flexible pricing for corporations.


  • The free plan allows customers to access all three of the company’s primary customer service avenues: email tickets, live chat, and phone.
  • Includes in-depth reports on agent efficiency, channel usage, and ticket background.
  • Extensive built-in support for third-party apps.


  • Incorporating social media messaging is only available in the most premium plan, which is an additional fee.
  • There will be no chatbots or artificial intelligence tools allowed.
  • There is no opportunity to add a phone feature within the app for the two cheapest plans, and while it is included in the free plan, its features are severely restricted.
Final Verdict

LiveAgent is top-notch software for companies that want to combine their phone, mailing, and live chat support for customers. The paid plans are not prohibitively expensive, and the free plan comes with plenty of features that could be sufficient for some small enterprises. It would be nice if social media accounts were supported at a lower price and chat-to-SMS was included, but these aren’t deal-breakers for most businesses.

LiveAgent also does a great job of automatically routing tickets between teams and keeping your support staff on the same page when working with a high volume of client inquiries. With this Liveagent review, you can decide whether it will suit your needs or not.

5. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based support desk solution that can grow with any organization, regardless of size. It has a centralized inbox where tickets from different channels can be viewed together, programmable processes, automated pop-ups to ward off typical questions, and in-depth dashboards to track quality indicators. In addition to its standard help desk features, Freshdesk also provides a team huddle for coordinating the efforts of multiple agents to answer complex problems and a gamification module to incentivize and reward good performance. 


  • Maintain your company’s image with Freshdesk Knowledge Base
  • Improved reactions from users
  • Ease of use
  • Analytics
  • Freshdesk helpdesk support 

Plans And Pricing

  • Free

This is a no-cost option, and it includes such necessities as a FAQ and ticket tracking system, as well as social media and email connection, analytics, and support. This plan can add as many as ten representatives to your team.

  • Growth

Prices for this bundle are $15 per agent per month when paid annually or $18 per agent per month when paid monthly. The Free plan is supplemented by automation, 7×24 phone assistance, service level agreements, SLAs, a marketplace with more than a thousand apps, a private SSL certificate, and other features.

  • Pro

Prices for the Pro plan are $49/month/agent when paid annually or $59/month/agent when paid monthly. In addition to everything included in the Growth Plan, this performance-focused bundle provides access to additional tools such as average handle time (AHT), custom apps, scalable API limits, client satisfaction score (CSAT), brand positioning, custom duties and reports, a multilingual level of knowledge, and additional products.

  • Enterprise

The Enterprise package, the most expensive offered by Freshdesk, costs $79/agent/month when paid annually or $95/agent/month when paid monthly. Unlimited goods, a sandbox, approval workflow for the knowledge base, bots, AI-powered network signals, IP range limits, and more are just a few of the new features and functionalities available in this tier.


  • Extremely straightforward in its application
  • Help Desk that Includes Ticketing, Live Help, and Phone Support
  • Consists of robotic processes and interactive computer programs


  • Costly, especially for automated systems like chatbots
  • The learning curve for more complex report types is high.

The Verdict

A high-quality customer relationship management tool, Freshdesk, may help your business establish a full-fledged help desk. It functions on any medium your company uses, including email tickets, real-time chat, and phone calls. Additionally, Freshdesk’s premium packages include automation and chatbots.

Freshdesk’s user-friendliness is impressive, given the software’s extensive feature set. It’s well-structured, so you can get straight in and start handling issues and live conversations. We ran into problems solely with the sophisticated reporting tools, which are so feature-rich that they might be intimidating to new users.