The Best Project Management Software (2022)

Project management software can be tricky and complicated without a surefire way to manage your information and collaborate effectively with your team. Effective communication and collaboration between the team members project stakeholders to get maximum outputs. Fortunately, modern technology has enabled us to develop plenty of options to keep your information organized and your project running. This real-time virtual workspace helps organizations and businesses assign different roles to team members to complete the tasks effectively. Choose your great match from the 5 best Project management software reviewed below.


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job management software is a leading no-code project management software designed to help businesses to create their management tools. Preferred by 152,000+ users worldwide, this CRM (customer relationship management) platform allows businesses to track and manage every project under one roof. The amazing and easy-to-use features of helps businesses navigate and structure tasks the way they prefer. Above all, the dashboards of this leading platform give a detailed overview of your progress. integrates with other apps such as Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams to help businesses use their favorite tools within the platform. The visually appealing and intuitive interface of with self-descriptive names makes it ideal for mid and small-sized businesses. 

Features of

  • Multiple Project Views
  • Customized Templates 
  • Built-in Time Tracking Capabilities 
  • Custom Automations

Pricing Plans and Options offers four different pricing plans and options to suit the needs of every business. 

  • Basic 

The basic pricing plan of gives you an entry-level project management solution. It starts from $8 per user per month with more than 200 templates and unlimited boards. The basic pricing plan does not provide integration but supports custom notification, whiteboard collaboration, shareable forms, and embedded documents. 

  • Standard

The standard pricing plan of comes with additional ways and tools to manage the tasks more effectively. This pricing plan supports guest access, starting from $10 per user per month with third-party integrations and automation. You can also access multiple views such as timeline, Gantt chart, and calendar views. 

  • Pro 

Starting at $16 per user per month, the pro pricing plan of is an excellent option for advanced projects and complex workflows. This plan allows you to access private boards, integrations with up to 25,000 actions per month, chart views, and better team workload precision. 

  • Enterprise

This pricing plan is excellent if you have a larger organization with advanced and complex workflows. The enterprise pricing plan comes with enterprise-grade automation, integrations, governance, and security. 

A Few Limitations of

  • Slow Customer Support
  • Limited Task Dependencies 

Final Verdict is leading, reliable, and versatile project management software that helps businesses accomplish their tasks precisely. The platform’s robust integrations and affordable pricing plans make it more convenient even for small and mid-sized businesses. 

2. ClickUp

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ClickUp is a cloud-based project management software that achieves a difficult balance between delivering the required capabilities and assuring cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. Team communication and shared task-setting tools are provided, along with project status notifications to integrate workflows with the organization’s goals.

It’s highly customizable and offers excellent insight into all projects and tasks, making it one of the top project management software products. Now that we know what ClickUp is let’s look at its features.

ClickUp Features

  • Excellent Customization Capabilities
  • Intuitive and Efficient Communication
  • Cost-effective
  • Capabilities for Real-Time Reporting
  • Multiple Views
  • Tracking time has never been easier
  • Exceptional App for Mobile Devices

Pricing Plan

Free – a powerful free solution that allows for infinite projects and users, but with restricted features

Unlimited ($5 per month) – an all-inclusive plan that gives you access to all of the service’s features as well as reporting options

Business ($12 per month) – Two-factor authentication and Google sign-in are included in this security-focused package, which builds on the unlimited one.

Business Plus ($19 per month) – Increased automation capabilities on the business plan, allowing for greater flexibility.

Enterprise (P.O.A.) – a large-scale plan that includes API access as well as HIPAA compliance


  • Excellent for entrepreneurs working on their own
  • Has user-customizable dashboards that are simple to use
  • Most functions are included for free in the free version.
  • It’s a simple tool to use.
  • All sizes of teams can afford it.


  • Onboarding takes longer when there are a lot of features and alternatives to choose from.
  • Self-management of onboarding makes it unsuitable for enterprise teams.


ClickUp has accomplished what it set out to do: create a solution that does just enough to keep businesses organized. The features discussed in the click-up review prove that. Even small teams may collaborate remotely using the platform, keep tabs on task progress, plot product launches, and exchange feedback. According to the ClickUp review, the variety of features and the generous free tier make ClickUp, an excellent addition to the competition for project management software.

3. HoneyBook

HoneyBook goes much beyond conventional expectations for CRM software on the cloud. It’s meant to serve as an all-in-one management system for many micro and small-scale enterprises. HoneyBook has an approachable UI that borders on whimsical but don’t allow that to fool you. This is a comprehensive solution for managing contacts, leads, projects, invoices, proposals, contracts, appointments, payments, and workflows.

HoneyBook’s task management capabilities provide a transparent glimpse into any project’s development. Users will have a centralized location to save essential documents such as invoices, contracts, etc. In addition, customers can use pre-built templates and push alerts to request appointments and follow up with clients automatically.

Project-based automated payment reminders and task reminders can be set up and sent out. HoneyBook is an all-in-one platform for managing your company, and it has strong connections to your customer relationship management software. So, it’s great for a small team of one to three people, but not for larger groups or specialized sales and marketing departments.

Which Types Of Businesses Would Benefit Most From Using Honeybook?

Honeybook was designed to be useful for creative business owners. There is no sector where this customer relationship management tool wouldn’t be helpful. HoneyBook can easily accommodate businesses of any size or type, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Although its primary function is to facilitate bookings, it also assists enterprises with other activities such as managing documents and communications and receiving payments.

HoneyBook Features 

  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Proposals
  • Online payments
  • Automation
  • Scheduling
  • Task management
  • Client management
  • Live orientations

The HoneyBook Price

HoneyBook is surprisingly inexpensive. All of the features mentioned above, plus six months of support, can be yours for just $9 a month. Your monthly charge is the only restriction. HoneyBook is scalable, so as your company expands, you can upgrade to a $39/month plan or pay $390 annually and still have all the features you need. Sign up using this link to get 20% off


  • Multiple features
  • Intuitive design
  • Extremely personalized onboarding


  • Confinement of specific reporting requirements
  • Client data cannot be exported
  • Time tracking limitations


HoneyBook is a solid app that has few flaws. It’s not just a scheduling tool; if that’s all you’re after, you’ll be pleasantly pleased by how much more efficient your operations will be as a result of using it.

You will not be let down if you go in with the expectation of finding multiple uses for it. HoneyBook continues to be a popular choice for many reasons, including its user-friendliness, robust security, regular feature updates, and comprehensive set of options.

4. Todoist 

Todoist is a project management software that helps you manage and organize various aspects of your life. You can manage your personal tasks and work-related obligations with this software. It has various features that help manage daily, weekly, or monthly obligations easily and efficiently. 

Todoist lets you store tasks by grouping them by due date and project. Your business is always in the palm of your hand. You understand what needs to be done now and what in a certain future, which planned tasks you managed to complete and which ones you didn’t. If you manage a team, you can delegate tasks to subordinates and monitor their progress.

Advanced task sorting, different task display modes, built-in integrations, recent activity tracking, and many other features are available in Todoist. If service analogs offer a comparable list of functions, they lag behind in terms of their implementation. After all, the rich features of Todoist are packed into a very simple interface that is easy to learn and use. And this is true for all major platforms: in addition to the web, the Todoist app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

This article will help you quickly understand the main features of Todoist and understand whether it is right for you or not.

Specifications of Todoist

  • Project management software
  • Ideal for freelancers, individuals, and small businesses
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Live chat support

Todoist Pricing

If you are interested in Todoist, you can download its applications and use them, just like the web version, for free. But in this case, there will be restrictions. You cannot create more than 5 projects and connect more than 5 employees. Uploaded files must not exceed 5 MB, and the log does not show activities older than one week. Also, you won’t be able to use reminders.

Two premium plans are at your service if these limits do not suit you. The $3/month Pro plan expands the limits to 300 projects and 25 employees per project. The user has access to reminders, 150 filters, the ability to upload files up to 100 MB, and other additional features.

The “Business” tariff completely removes restrictions and offers functions for teamwork. Its cost is $5 per user per month.


  • Reasonable pricing and free plan
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • You can work offline
  • Custom to-do lists
  • Smooth communication and collaboration
  • You can easily share files and delegate task
  •  Good for progress tracking
  • History overview to help you note tangible progres
  •  Smooth synchronization across multiple platforms


  • Limited features on the free version
  • No micro-scheduling or time tracking functionality
  • Compatibility issues in certain instances
  •  Multiple ads in the premium version

Conclusion: The Best Project Management Software

  • With Todoist, managing projects or individual tasks becomes a streamlined process without unnecessary headaches. You understand what needs to be done now and what in a certain future, which planned tasks you managed to complete and which ones you didn’t. Everything is very clear and intuitive.
  • Todoist lets you store tasks by grouping them by due date and project. You can schedule, edit, mark completed, comment, and delete added tasks. You can also set up reminders for tasks, assign an executor for them, and specify a priority.
  • Todoist automatically groups added tasks by due date and project. You can switch between groups using the tabs in the sidebar. 
  • Whatever the total number of added tasks, you can quickly find the things you need using the Filters and Tags section.
  • Todoist gives you the power to effectively manage your teamwork. The manager can open access to selected projects for his employees, assign executors for tasks and monitor progress.
  • The project manager can be extended through integration with other applications. You can connect them using the modules built into Todoist.

5. Connecteam

Connecteam is an app for managing a workforce that frees managers’ time to concentrate on business expansion and their employees’ ability to be more efficient, flexible, and satisfied in their work. Reduce wasted time and boost output with mobile-first custom checklists, surveys, and reports; coordinate schedules and monitor the time worked with a GPS-enabled time clock; streamline internal communications, and keep track of employees’ daily duties, all from a single, convenient app.

On the whole, we advise using Connecteam for the following purposes:

  • Retailers in search of an effective method of employee communication and administration
  • Businesses with frequent employee changes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Businesses with large workforces

Connecteam Features

  • Scheduling
  • Mobile App
  • Lists, checks, and forms for getting everything done
  • Time Clock For Employees
  • Real-time Employee Communication

Connecteam Pricing

Time tracking, calendaring, task management, and chat features are all part of Connecteam’s free plan. The first 50 users on a paid plan only cost $47 per month, with subsequent users costing a nominal amount more. Pricing, reporting, and API access are all customizable with the Enterprise plan.


  • It’s a breeze to use
  • Compliance monitoring for training and certification
  • Surveys


  • The absence of automated planning and forecasting
  • Limited reports
  • You can only get live help via email

Bottom Line

With the help of this in-depth connecteam review, you know what is connecteam and how it can benefit your business. Connecteam’s tools can help you streamline the onboarding, training, and scheduling processes if you have a large staff that experiences high turnover. The software makes it simple to schedule shifts, handle time-off requests, exchange shifts with coworkers, keep tabs on attendance, generate timesheets, and maintain open lines of communication among employees. Start scheduling immediately with Connecteam’s free trial or upgrade to a paid account immediately.

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