A Comprehensive Zoho Desk Review: Features, Pricing, and More

Picking the right help desk software is essential for running an effective and sensitive help desk, whether you’re assisting customers or providing IT support. Service requests can be managed more efficiently with help desk software. Zoho Desk is one of the best help desk software. It’s a helpful tool for coordinating all of a company’s interactions with customers, whether they occur via phone, email, SMS, texting, or social media. You can better serve your customers and foster deeper connections with them by being consistent in your approach.

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Let’s dive right into the Zoho Desk review.

What is Zoho Desk?

Among the many available help desk solutions, Zoho Desk stands out for its multichannel support and contextual awareness. All the resources and context your teams need to provide excellent customer service are consolidated in Zoho Desk, including an advanced multi-stakeholder management system, interactive self-service, and an efficient AI assistant.

Zoho has been developing, deploying, sustaining, and supporting software in the cloud and on-premises for decades. It’s among the best support desk programs for companies of any size. Multichannel support, automation, and intelligent AI can help almost any customer service area.


  • Dashboard

The Zoho interface centers around the dashboard. Channel data, live traffic, agent activity, and more can all be viewed in real-time. The Zoho Desk menu bar is located on the left side of the screen and is used by customers to access various software sections. Despite having a top bar and a sidebar, we found the navigation confusing and unhelpful. Because of this, Zoho Desk is one of the most complicated programs to master.

  • Ticket Management

All incidents can be recorded and tracked thanks to Zoho Desk’s multi-channel IT ticketing system. The system consolidates customer inquiries from various contact points into a centralized ticketing system. Additionally, Zoho CRM can be integrated with the ticketing system to provide customer background information for a more tailored service. With Zoho Desk’s Ticket Assignment feature, you can automate the assignment of tickets based on predefined rules, making the process much more streamlined.

  • Automation

Zoho Desk is a help desk application that streamlines routine tasks like tracking ticket progress and generating reports. You will have more say over your workload and the direction of your team thanks to Automatic Ticket Assignment’s streamlined approach to allocating and routing problems. Instead of manually assigning tickets, you can set up rules to route tickets to the appropriate staff members.

For instance, when dealing with a social media-related problem, it’s best to consult with people specializing in that field. Also, you can inform customers of the status of their tickets with the help of preconfigured alerts.

  • Analytics

Zoho Desk’s reporting capabilities keep tabs on crucial KPIs and provide valuable insights to your team. Detailed metrics, such as typical response time and ticket traffic, can be monitored to assess agents’ efficiency. Observing the influx of tickets is another way to evaluate the efficiency with which agents handle requests. As a final point, the analytics tools in Zoho Desk allow you to compile information from various sources into unified reports from which you can draw meaningful conclusions.

  • Customization

The IT help desk system can be tailored to your needs with Zoho Desk. Whether it’s the layout, the branding, or the custom fields, it’s all up for grabs. Save time by creating email and complaint templates that agents may use to respond to common inquiries with standard language and formatting.

You can personalize the Help Center to meet your needs by generating service-level agreements, notifications, and articles from the Zoho Desk knowledge base. Using these options, you can make your help center match the visual style of the rest of your website. At last, you’ll be able to decide if your Help Center is available to the public or if visitors must register for an account to utilize any of its features.

  • Zia

Zoho Desk’s Zia, a virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, can help with any aspect of providing service to customers. Zia processes customer inquiries, draws insights from your knowledge base, and interacts with them on your behalf across multiple channels. The AI assistant will notify upper management if the requested information is unavailable or unhelpful. But that’s not all.

By scanning tickets, analyzing them for essential details like sentiment, and reporting back to agents, Zoho Desk helps ensure that support staff can respond to inquiries promptly. Zia also routinely processes inbound tickets and tags them as per severity to help prioritize. With the aid of tags, agents can quickly find tickets about topics within their areas of expertise and even look back on closed tickets to gain insight.


  • Scalability is excellent.
  • Allows for the use of multiple languages
  • Highly adaptable
  • Superb Workflow Applications


  • Only a few features are available.
  • The automation tools lack the sophistication that one would hope to find in a program of this caliber.
  • A restricted API.
  • A few difficulties have been experienced with email integration.

Pricing Plans

There are three premium plans available for Zoho Desk, with prices ranging from $20 per user per month to $50 per user per month. For very startups that only require the most fundamental customer support features, the free plan with three user accounts is an excellent choice.

  • Free
  • Standard: $20 per user per month
  • Professional: $35 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $50 per user per month

Ease of Use

The intuitive design of Zoho Desk’s interface facilitates quick study, quick installation, and speedy use. There is a slight learning curve, but even novice users will soon feel comfortable. To streamline and improve customer service operations, Zoho Desk provides an omnichannel ticketing system with agent partnerships and productivity tools.

For new businesses and smaller support groups, this is an excellent option because it’s free and includes helpful tools like self-service and service level agreements. Also, it has paid plans that can scale your business, making it ideal for large enterprises.

Also, it offers a plethora of helpful guides, manuals, and tutorials for no cost. If a user at the paid tier requires assistance with product setup, they can sign up for either the Premium or Enterprise support plans.

Customer Service

Users on the free plan of Zoho Desk can get help through the company’s FAQs, discussion forums, and email support anytime, day or night. Those on the Standard Plan get access to email and phone help, while those on the Professional and Enterprise Plans have access to all contact channels, including chat. On weekdays, you can expect an email response within 24 hours and support via live chat or phone within 8 hours.

Paid support plans are available from Zoho Desk if you need faster responses. The Premium support option costs 20% of the monthly licensing charge and provides 24/7 phone and online chat help. Enterprise customers, on the other hand, can pay 25% of the monthly licensing payment for access to a dedicated phone number and live chat available around the clock.

Final Verdict

Zoho Desk’s premium plans are less expensive than many rivals, making it an affordable alternative. But, there is a limited number of agents you can have on the free plan, and you’ll need to pay up for better support and features. The software has many excellent features, but it’s hard to know where to start using them, and there aren’t any tutorials or guides to help you out.