HoneyBook Review: A Comprehensive Look At Its Features And Benefits

Researching tools for your business might be time-consuming. Many of us never go past the research phase because we are too overwhelmed by it. You may have heard of Honeybook, a customer relationship management tool (CRM) that many creative entrepreneurs use. Honeybook promises to be the all-in-one solution that your business needs. This comprehensive Honeybook review will teach you everything you need to know to effectively implement this Project Management Software into your artistic enterprise.

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What is Honeybook?

HoneyBook goes much beyond conventional expectations for CRM software on the cloud. It’s meant to serve as an all-in-one management system for many micro and small-scale enterprises. HoneyBook has an approachable UI that borders on whimsical but don’t allow that to fool you. This is a comprehensive solution for managing contacts, leads, projects, invoices, proposals, contracts, appointments, payments, and workflows.

HoneyBook’s task management capabilities provide a transparent glimpse into any project’s development. Users will have a centralized location to save essential documents such as invoices, contracts, etc. In addition, customers can use pre-built templates and push alerts to request appointments and follow-up with clients automatically.

Project-based automated payment reminders and task reminders can be set up and sent out. HoneyBook is an all-in-one platform for managing your company, and it has strong connections to your customer relationship management software. So, it’s great for a small team of one to three people, but not for larger groups or specialized sales and marketing departments.

Which Types Of Businesses Would Benefit Most From Using Honeybook?

Honeybook was designed to be useful for creative business owners. There is no sector where this customer relationship management tool wouldn’t be helpful. HoneyBook can easily accommodate businesses of any size or type, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Although its primary function is to facilitate bookings, it also assists enterprises with other activities such as managing documents and communications and receiving payments.

HoneyBook Features 


Client onboarding is a breeze with the help of the contract templates included in HoneyBook. Every template is adaptable, and pre-existing contract information can be imported. It’s a handy tool, especially when you’re starting and have no idea how to word a contract.


One of the most trying aspects of freelancing is waiting for payment. Automatic invoicing is only one way in which HoneyBook saves time. HoneyBook’s website says customized invoices may be made in under 30 seconds. In the long run, that will free up a lot of time.


HoneyBook proposals are all-inclusive documents that walk the customer through the sales process step-by-step. The invoice includes a detailed description of the services provided, a digitally signable contract, and a payment link to ensure prompt payment.

Online payments

If you aren’t prepared to accept electronic payments, this HoneyBook function is invaluable. HoneyBook accepts all major credit and debit cards and allows you to set up automatic payments for your recurring clients, so you know exactly when money will be coming in.


HoneyBook is preconfigured to handle a large portion of your work for you, with features like automatic payment reminders and review request notifications. You can set up a meeting in your calendar or have the program automatically send a thank-you note and a questionnaire to a potential client when they contact you. This prompt response will showcase your professionalism and give you more time to focus on earning money.


HoneyBook’s built-in calendar makes it simple for clients to see when you’re free to meet. This eliminates the need for endless email back-and-forth when no mutually convenient time for a meeting can be found. As an added convenience, HoneyBook can be synced with your Google Calendar.

Task management

HoneyBook includes a to-do list to help you stay on track and meet your commitments. You create the to-do list, select a due date, and HoneyBook will constantly remind you on your computer and mobile device. Users can form groups and work together on projects.

Client management

You may rest easy knowing everything is being taken care of when you use HoneyBook. If you’re juggling many accounts and dropping and picking up projects during the month, this feature is invaluable for keeping track of everyone’s schedule.

Live orientations

If you’re overwhelmed by HoneyBook’s many capabilities, the HoneyBook team hosts weekly live training sessions to help you get up and running. In this way, you can observe the procedure and voice any concerns or questions you may have afterward. If you cannot attend the live training session, you can see a webinar recording at your convenience.


  • Multiple features
  • Intuitive design
  • Extremely personalized onboarding


  • Confinement of specific reporting requirements
  • Client data cannot be exported
  • TIme tracking limitations

The HoneyBook Price

HoneyBook is surprisingly inexpensive. All of the features mentioned above, plus six months of support, can be yours for just $9 a month. Your monthly charge is the only restriction. HoneyBook is scalable, so as your company expands, you can upgrade to a $39/month plan or pay $390 annually and still have all the features you need. Sign up using this link to get 20% off

Benefits of HoneyBook

  • Everything from your conversations and contracts to your bookings and payments, as well as any documents and projects you may need to manage, can be found in one convenient location.
  • In addition to saving you time and effort, this method also avoids the need for supplementary software or hardware. From this central hub, you can monitor individual tasks’ status, create schedules, and program automated responses to client inquiries.
  • Despite all that ease, HoneyBook still enables brand interactions and interfaces to your business and makes them unique for each consumer, which boosts the recognition of your brand.


HoneyBook is a solid app that has few flaws. It’s not just a scheduling tool; if that’s all you’re after, you’ll be pleasantly pleased by how much more efficient your operations will be as a result of using it.

You will not be let down if you go in with the expectation of finding multiple uses for it. HoneyBook continues to be a popular choice for many reasons, including its user-friendliness, robust security, regular feature updates, and comprehensive set of options.